Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snellville Farmer's Market Fun Fun Fun

At the Snellville Farmer's Market, I walked around with Max and Albert and of course, Jack. It was beautiful weather and I especially loved the gourmet Popsicles. Albert's favorite was the one with pomegranate, Jack's favorite was the grapefruit Popsicle. Albert, however, does prefer the Bruster's in Grayson where we can be seen in the coolness of the dusk getting him a free "doggie sundae" on Saturday or Sunday evenings. We usually bring at least one bird who enjoys the cone that I don't eat or an almond from my ice cream. Watch for us around town and check out the list of coming events to catch up with one of my library productions. That too is FREE.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Kaitlyn had a tremendous birthday at Briscoe Park in Snellville GA this Saturday. It was a success and the weather was beautiful! She is now 4-years-old.

 The party was busy, noisy, exciting, and fun. Cash, the male Eclectus was sweet, gentle, beautiful and calm as he stepped up on tiny arms and hands.

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn, and thank you for letting Cash of ParrotProShows.com be part of your party!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Oaks is Great Again

The show on Thursday, May 12, 2011, at Great Oaks Retirement Community was another success. It is the third time in 2011 Parrot Productions has appeared at their facility. This time for the main community, Albert appeared for the first time. He was so well behaved and was, as always, pleased to provide a ride for Lucy and Max around the room. I thank my helper Gavin Cox for his appearance with Paddy (Black-Capped Conure) and his assistance with loading and unloading. It was such a pleasure seeing the awareness and interest in those timeless faces.

Great Oaks is Great Again

The show at Great Oaks Retirement Home in Monroe, Georgia was great. It is the third time we have been to that site this year (two different areas) and the response has been delightful. It is such a joy to see the interest and awareness in those timeless faces.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Snellville Days in a Daze

The Snellville Days Parade was phenomenal. The birds stayed right on their perches just like they were trained. Our float might not have won an official prize but it was HANDS DOWN the most photographed float in the parade!

On Sunday, Mother's Day, we walked around the festival with Cash. He made lots of new friends, stepped up and was photographed many times.

Watch for Parrot Productions at the Snellville Farmers Market between 10 and noon. I cannot have a booth but I walk around with at least one parrot, passing out cards and letting birds stand on children.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The birthday party scheduled for Sunday 05/01/2011 will be rescheduled. The birthday child was ill. Hope she feels better soon. And Happy Birthday anyway Tinsley.


The show at Grace Fellowship Church Volunteer night was SPECTACULAR. On Wednesday, 04/27/2011, all the birds stepped up hundreds of times and had their pictures made over and over. The show lasted about 3 hours and the birds were very tired the next day but happy for the wear.

The limited show at the Dementia Unit at Great Oaks Retirement Community in Monroe April 29, 2011, was an exercise in patience. We were quiet and serene while we visited on a much smaller scale. This show went well with a smaller group of sweet people. They were interested and most were alert although some napped. This is a lesson for all in the way we age, how life slips peacefully by or blows blustering before we know it is even there. The thin skinned, gnarled fingers that reached out to touch Max's wing had touched a lifetime of hands and hearts. They touched my heart as they touched the satin that is Max's wing. I was told many times they had never touched anything so beautiful as my bird. And I think I have never seen anything as beautiful as those gnarled fingers against those feathers.